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Do the Cleveland Cavaliers need to hire a new coach in the offseason?


The Cleveland Cavaliers are 9-39, the worst record in the NBA.

Most of the reason for why that is comes down to the roster construction, with the team lacking enough top-end talent to keep them afloat while half their rotation is in and out of the lineup with injuries. Another major factor is that the team has a lot of bad habits and young, inexperienced players who simply don’t play with enough synchronization, deliberation or awareness to win on a consistent basis.

Lastly, the bad habits that the Cavs have built up over the past three seasons under former head coach Tyronn Lue — poor transition defense and rotations in their halfcourt, stagnant bodies and ball-movement on the offensive end, inconsistent energy — would also lend themselves to the team’s struggles.

However, while Cleveland definitely needs an upgrade to their roster personnel, do the Cavs need to upgrade their head coach position too?

Cavs head coach Larry Drew is a great coach and emphasizes the right mindset with Cleveland, whether it be in regards to their energy, their attitude or their shot-selection. But there are two issues with Drew:

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