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Install Crown Moulding With Lighting | Crown Moulding Ideas

Add accent lighting to your home with our DIY crown moulding lighting ideas. Follow along to learn how to install lighted crown moulding to your rooms. Check our DIY playlist for more unique projects:

Follow our How to Cut Crown Moulding guide to learn how to cut cope joints:

Use the below list to find the exact step you’re looking for to install your lighted crown moulding, also known as cove lighting:
0:30 Measure the room
0:57 Cut test piece of backer strip
1:05 Test location for lighted moulding and mark measurements
1:42 Cut a hole for outlet
1:48 Install outlet
2:00 Test power
2:04 Cut backer strip & install
2:24 Install crown moulding
2:31 Cope inside corners of moulding
3:18 Run a bead of caulk along edges and miter joints
3:33 Add dimmer switch

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