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How to Fix a Running Toilet or a Leaking Toilet

Today we’ll show you how to fix a running toilet which will help you save money on your water bill. This video will show you each step to fix a leaking toilet. For more bathroom repairs check out our playlist:

A toilet leak or running toilet is a common and costly occurrence for many people. A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water in one week. Visit this guide to see a full list of tools and tips you’ll need to fix a running or leaky toilet:

This video will help you with the each stop to fix a leaking toilet and show you how to stop a toilet from running. Follow this guide below to find and rewatch the steps if you need additional assistance.

First steps are to learn:
0:27 Review how your toilet works
1:38 Check for causes of running toilet
1:47 Inspect flapper and ball unit

Next, you will prepare your toilet:
2:37 Shut off the water supply
2:51 Flush and drain toilet tank
3:20 Get rid of excess water

Now you’re ready to check for leaks:
3:40 Check locations of bolts (specifically seals)
4:02 Check base of toilet
4:16 Check if toilet is bolted properly

Once you’ve finished removing your toilet and wax seal, you’re ready for your final step for a working toilet:
5:16 Install a Perfect Seal

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