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How to Heat a Garage Workshop

Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey travels to Akron, Ohio to install a garage heater.

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Time: 3-4 hours

Cost: $500

Skill Level: Expert

Tools List for Heating a Garage Workshop:
Drill driver
Pipe cutters

Shopping List:
Radiant Workshop Heater
Lag bolts
Washers for bolts
Spade bit
Drywall screws
Flexible gas line
Gas pipe fittings
Gas pipe in various sizes
Pipe dope

1. Working with gas is extremely dangerous and should only be left to a licensed professional.
2. Shut the gas off at the meter.
3. Determine a location to mount the heater that’s easily accessible to the gas line. To give the heater more range, try mounting it in a corner.
4. Mount the bracket for the heater to the chosen location using bolts and a drill. Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure proper clearance from the walls and ceiling.
5. Slide the heater onto the mounting bracket and secure it with nuts that come with the heater.
6. Drill a hole into the wall or ceiling using the drill with a spade bit to connect the gas piping.
7. Screw the mounting bracket provided with the heater into the wall or ceiling using the drill and some drywall screws.
8. Connect the flexible gas line to the existing gas line and then pass it through the bracket.
9. Thread the fitting and brass connection that come with the heater onto the flexible gas line and then screw the fitting onto the bracket.
10. Connect the flexible gas line to the heater using a variety of gas pipe, fittings, elbows, and nipples. Use pipe dope to secure all the connections.
11. Drill a hole on the other end of the garage and install a vent to ensure there is another air flow to allow exhaust to escape the room.
12. Connect the thermostat to the heater and attach it to the wall.
13. Turn the gas back on.

Richard installed the High Intensity Radiant Workshop Heater, manufactured by Mr. Heater (

The other materials Richard used to install the heater, including the gas piping, the flexible gas line, and the plywood to hold the bracket for the heater, can all be found at home centers.

Expert assistance with this segment was provided by Echols Heating and Cooling (

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