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Kids can be so… AMAZING! This duck wouldn’t have survived without one kid’s promise to get help.

I want every kid here to know that YOU can make a difference!!! When you see an animal in need of help, call a local rescue and find someone to help. Many kids call us from all over the country and we are unable to fly because we’re not super heroes with capes, but every city and every town has a rescue organization like ours that helps animals – you just need to use Google and find the rescue near you 🙂

Joshua Johnson was so cool to sit there and wait for us for over an hour to arrive… it was the afternoon, traffic was so heavy, but he was patient and made sure Daphne was safe.

When Loreta and I arrived, we realized right away that something was seriously wrong. Loreta secured Daphne and then we were able to have a better look. It seemed like someone tried to help Daphne before by placing a splint, but of course Daphne needed more than that – she needed actual medical care.

We are so happy that our friends at Ventura Hummingbird Rescue opened their rescue for Daphne and made sure to get her to their vet who specializes in wild birds (our vets are not certified to handle wildlife).

Daphne is healing nicely, and I hope she will be back on her feet shortly.

We have only 3 more days to our campaign – I hope you will join us.



#HopeForPaws #DuckRescue #BirdRescue