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How to Fix a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal repair is much simpler than you think. Learn how to fix a garbage disposal in just a few quick steps. For more plumbing tips, check out our Plumbing playlist:

Learn how to address common garbage disposal issues. Typical problems include not turning on, humming but not grinding, a leak at the flange or drain pipe and slow draining.

Be sure to cut power to the garbage disposal before attempting to troubleshoot or fix it following the steps in this video:
(0:34) Garbage disposal makes no sound
(1:02) Garbage disposal making low humming sound (Unclogging your disposal)
(1:35) Removing clog by manually turning the blades
(1:52) Manually turning the impeller

If you need to purchase a new garbage disposal, browse The Home Depot’s wide range of options:

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