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How To Choose Garage Storage and Organization

Use these simple DIY garage organization ideas to keep your garage clutter-free. Learn more DIY garage storage ideas with our Storage and Organization playlist:

A clean and organized garage starts with the proper storage equipment. Find several garage organization storage tips — from garage wall shelving ideas to store tools and lawn care items, to DIY garage storage ideas like building a bike rack — in our How to Choose Garage Organization and Storage guide:

Storage bins are a great way to store away athletic gear, holiday decorations and extra household items not currently in use. Clear storage bins keep out dust and dirt and allow you to easily view the contents inside without having to open them up each time. Find the right storage bins to organize your garage today:

When it comes to DIY garage storage ideas, don’t overlook your garage walls. Garage wall shelves can be built and installed to store items of varying weight and sizes. You can customize your shelves to best fit your storage needs. Browse our variety of garage storage walls to fit your space:

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